Show Day - 25th July 2024
Kennards House, Launceston, PL15 7EZ
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This year we have a jam-packed main ring with new performances

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What do we have?

Trade stands offering a wide range of goodies - crafts lovingly made - food.... 'oh how we all love the food tent.'

The Young Farmers are a group of young people who know how to have fun - pop along and spend time with them – 'If only we were all young enough to join.'

A flower tent that smells delightful, popular poultry, the WI have been making cakes and our amazingly popular Creative Community Tent that is always bustling with colour and loveliness.

Do come along.....we are looking forward to seeing you.

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2024 Show President - Mike King

Here's his message to you all:

'My association with Launceston Agricultural Show started in my early childhood, a day off school with my parents quickly followed by competing in show-jumping classes, then as a Young Farmer (and the associated hijinks), and on to stewarding for many years. I joined the committee as a teenager and have not missed a show in all that time so I am greatly honoured to be asked to take the Presidents seat for 2024.'

'Launceston Show, as it is now known, is a highlight of the local calendar, “the country comes to town, and the town comes out to the country” – livestock judging, horse classes, tradestands, art, crafts, music – we have entertainment for all.'

'Our one day Show takes a year in the making, as soon as one event ends the next one is prepared. Behind the scenes are months of planning by an army of volunteers dedicated to ensuring that when Showtime comes every aspect has been covered and it’s the best event it can be. Without the team who drive this forward we wouldn’t have the Show as we know it. We are all mindful that events like this must progress with the times – fresh ideas and new concepts keep the Show current. We are grateful to all those who make up the team, and extend an invitation to interested individuals who wish to come on board to ensure our Show has a great future.'

With my wife Caroline by my side I welcome you all to enjoy the best day out this summer


2024 Show Chairman - Robert Tucker

The Show Chairman is Robert Tucker. A sheep farmer, married to Hilary and with 3 grown up sons, Robert has been Chairman for many years and has seen many changes.

‘Everything is changing – the Show is no different. With most things being online, it was time our Show moved too. I believe this brought problems for our Secretary. However, we are delighted now to have our entries online, to have a new website and online ticketing’. The traditional heart of the Show remains. We now enjoy the best of both worlds. The highlight of my role as Chairman is to escort the President and his wife around on Show day. We get to meet and chat with exhibitors across the Showfield, in financially difficult times, we really are lucky to have so many traders attend.

My wish now, is that you thoroughly enjoy your day


2024 Show Secretary - Sharon Horsington

Hello, my name is Sharon Horsington, Secretary of Launceston Show! A Launceston girl – an Old Tree baby.

The post of Secretary was advertised and a few friends suggested I applied – naively, not really sure what the Show Secretary did. I applied and was successful. First things first, I can assure you the Secretary does more than typing up the minutes! Well, 2023 was my first Show – and what a year it was. The learning curve was huge… I cried at 6.30am when I heard the bleet of the first sheep on the showfield, there was going to be a Show that I had organised… and then it rained on the day.

So here we are in my second year, 2024. Still new and still naïve. I have thrown myself into the role and attended meetings over the Country meeting other Show Secretaries. It is comforting to know we all face the same challenges. It was apparent we needed to adopt a digital approach – paper applications and cheques are still there for those that want it, but online applications, online ticketing and a brand new website are now in place.

I do also have a near full time job – so time is very precious. The committee are so supportive, I feel privileged to call them my friends.

This year we have made changes to the Showfield, have a new Stage for entertainment, the mainring has moved slightly to allow spectators on 3 sides to enjoy the jam-packed agenda. We have created a new Childrens area and created three catering villages. I can’t organise the sunshine. I would if I could.

Always up for a challenge, I agreed to an abseil to raise funds for the Show. Fortunately, Barclays have agreed to match funds raised. So, I am going to Abseil off Meldon Viaduct, near Okehampton on 4 th April 2024. I have a Just Giving page if you would like to make a donation. The cost of running a Show is huge, I wanted to do my bit.

I am a people person and thoroughly enjoy being involved with the Show. If I can see people enjoying themselves on the day, then it has all been worth it.

Thank you so much for your support – I really hope you enjoy yourselves

Sharon x

NEWS: Abseiling Secretary!

Sharon's recent abseil and fundraiser was a huge success: raising a grand total of £1430

How did it go? A personal message from our secretary:

'It was grey and drizzly as I approached Meldon viaduct. Today, it seemed ever higher knowing I had to come down on a bit of string! All harnessed up and having scrambled through the waist height cross supports under the viaduct, eventually the 2' x 2' platform appeared. It was tiny. The drop was big. The wind had picked up and fingers were cold. The ground and the kind people who came to support looked looked far away. Encouraged by the Adventure Okehampton staff I could put it off no longer. Over the edge I went. Was I scared? YES I was! Fully committed now, I stepped back and I was dangling! Once the nerves had settled, knowing I hadn't plummeted to the ground, I could enjoy a fabulous view, wave to the supporters and gracefully descend to the ground. Met with cheers and clapping, I had made it. What a great feeling it was. Thank to you to the many friends and family that came to support and to each and everyone who donated. Thanks to Andrew Ranson, Secretary of Launceston Farmers Club who was brave enough to join me and to Barclays for their matched funding.'

Our History

Launceston Show was founded following a meeting held at the White Hart Hotel, Launceston on Saturday 19th February 1887, under the chairmanship of C G Archer Esq., when it was resolved to:

- Hold a Horse Show for the district and that a Public Meeting should be held in the Guildhall, Launceston on Saturday 26th February 1887 to elect a committee and make all necessary arrangements.

- Following this second meeting it was agreed to make the sum of £130 available for prize money and that Thursday 21st August 1887 be fixed as the date of the first Launceston Show.

Upon reading through the minute books many of the same local families are still connected with the Show today which can only prove the popularity and longevity of the event.

In the early years, the Show was held within the town boundary of Launceston at both Windmill and Hurdon, until moving to the current site at Kennards House in the mid 1950’s.

Launceston Horse Show as it was known in the early days was highly respected as an equestrian event, and before the popularity of the motor car large crowds gathered each year with the railways running special “Show Trains” from places such as Plymouth to the event.

We continue to uphold the traditions and skills of country life and welcome the custodians of these heritage crafts to our show each year. These skilled exhibitors love to engage with their audiences and impart their knowledge in the hope of inspiring the next generation to take the mantle forwards.

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